Fire is one of the primordial elements, it has spiritual significance, and it is a part of all our celebrations, greetings and commemorations: we light a candle if we wish for intimacy and romance or if we think back to our beloved dead. We greet little Jesus with a sparkler by the Christmas tree, we remember our national heroes with a torch in our hands and we light a cake candle and fireworks when we present the cake to our celebrated loved ones.

Just as people celebrate the Lunar New Year in China, July 14 in France, July 4 in America, and Hanabi in Japan, we celebrate August 20. We celebrate Hungary’s birthday, St. Stephen’s Day with fireworks.

Ferenc Tóth

Managing Director

What do fireworks mean to me? I have been fascinated by fire, working with fire, as well as controlling and using fire since I was a child. In my youth, I was challenged to re-establish the opportunity for civil/residential pyrotechnic activities in Hungary after the change of regime. With 30 years of work behind me, I have gone through many challenges and I have entertained millions of satisfied spectators who enjoyed our fireworks. 

And what else is my reason for existence? Knowledge transfer and shaping the society: to teach Hungarian people that they can use fireworks on their own, that they can be trusted and can grow up for the “game” and game rules. Profession: while teaching and evaluating the exams of the pyrotechnists of the future, to pass on the creed that “safety always comes first”. 

In a thousand years, fireworks have actually evolved the most in the range of demonstrable forms, but their basics have not changed much. Developments of the past thirty years (like the display of colours in the most varied and powerful manner) have led to breakthroughs in terms of the chemicals used, with the aim of protecting the environment and reducing smoke. The revolutionary change in dramaturgical scenery has exploded in the last decade with the proliferation of digital control equipment and design software, the involvement of light painting and videomapping services, and has fundamentally changed the overall image of fireworks programs. 

I believe that the level of quality of today’s the visual entertainment industry can no longer be based on one or another visual element (fireworks, light painting) alone, since extremely complex effects are required to satisfy society's appetite for stimuli. The extremely precise and unlimited content display of light painting is an essential element of quality shows, just as an “organic” or realistic fire experience and the presence of body-shaking decibels caused by its sound contribute to the cathartic experience. 

We represent a new trend – we have switched to a more equipment-intensive technology, the use of Western-type, low-smoke, well-timed products that deliver a more pronounced experience. Through computer visual design, we give our viewers a shocking, monumental, dynamic experience.”  

Ákos Kara, State Secretary

Thank you letter 2017.08.20

Dear Sir,
Let me hereby thank you for your work at the events of August 20 for the celebration of the founding of the state and St. Stephen, the founder of the state, which greatly contributed to the effective and successful conduct of the event. This would not have been possible without the cooperation and hard work of you and your colleagues. It was a real team work that we can be proud of.
This year, during the preparation and conduct of the events, we placed a greater emphasis than ever on safety, value preservation and making the fireworks even more spectacular. The success speaks for itself:
I hope that our joint work in the Operational Group will continue to lead to meaningful and successful programs.
Should you have any questions, requests or recommendations about our shared tasks, please share your thoughts with me. Thank you so much for your cooperation.
Budapest, September 11, 2017
I wish you a lot of success for your continued work.
Sincerely and with many thanks,

Ákos Kara
State Secretary, Ministry of National Development 

Miklós Persányi dr., Minister

Thank you letter 2006.05

Memorial Certificate for Ferenc Tóth
For his sacrificial work in the emergency response to the floods and inland flooding of the Danube and the Tisza as well as for his efforts in this difficult period in 2006.
Budapest, May 2006

Miklós Persányi, dr. Minister

Csaba Káel, Müpa CEO

Congratulation letter, 2017.

Dear Ferenc,

Please accept my warm congratulations on your great artistic achievement that contributed to the success of the opening ceremony of the 17th FINA World Championships in Budapest.
We created an exceptional event in an exceptional location, which showed both the unique beauty of Budapest as well as the talent and dynamism of Hungarian artists and creators.
The opening was a significant domestic and international success, contributing greatly to the recognition of Hungary and Budapest. Dr. Julio C. Maglione President rightly called the Budapest WC the most successful World Championship of all time. Your devotional work played a huge role in this success.

Please accept and interpret my thanks to all those who participated in this challenging project.

Best regards, 
Csaba Káel

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