about us

Our main specialty is the organization, design and execution of fireworks. We are proud of our fireworks on August 20 and the pyrotechnic support of the concerts of many famous foreign performers.

our values

The name of Nuvu Kft. is internationally recognized in the market of fireworks services, which is primarily thanks to the fact that we always adhere to our values.

Our Goals

We are led by our successes, we have a number of plans for the future to further raise the standard of domestic and international fireworks art.


Our colleagues have more than 20 years of experience with a significant amount of reference works behind them, which have served the satisfaction of our customers without exception.

We believe that pyrotechnics is also a form of applied art, and we do our best to raise it to the highest possible level: we provide the highest quality pyrotechnics training in the country, we participate in domestic and international conferences, competitions, and we also provide professional assistance in drafting legislation.


Attila Borcsik IZIL DJ/Radio editor

…I am enriched with the most grandiose experiences always at Nuvu events. 

Nuvu’s assignments are a real treat for me without an exception! Though I get invited to a lot of places, and do music editing in a thousand of areas, I am enriched with the most grandiose experiences always at Nuvu events. Owing to their scope and structure, monumental shows also require more diverse musical editing: most of the time, I spend months finding, sorting, and arranging the musical pieces. But the amount of work invested is dwarfed, seeing and hearing the overwhelming end result in each case! 

HELLDIVER, Band Leader

We were glad to receive the invitation of Ferenc Tóth, the Managing Director of Nuvu Kft. to create the English version of our song entitled “The red, the white and the green”. He informed us that their company got invited to the most prestigious international fireworks competition in Montreal, where they will represent Hungary, and would like to use our song as part of their show and choreography as a stand-alone insert. 

We really enjoyed working together. We would like to hereby thank the invitation and wish good luck to the entire team of Nuvu Kft. We hope we will have a lot of opportunities to work together and can implement together many successful projects in the future. “We all stand together. Like the shore meets with the seas. Like the three colours: The red, the white and the green”  


We could experience amazing fireworks, composed for music. 

It has been proven that it is also possible to compose spectacular, choreographed fireworks in a party environment, for electronic dance music, in a way that the explosions coexist with the rhythm. I really look forward to the next occasion! 

Ghymes band

In 2018 I received an uplifting invitation to write the music for the August 20 fireworks in Budapest. It is a special work for a composer, taking into account the circumstances. Pyrotechnics and music shall obviously be in harmony.

Working with NUVU Kft. was particularly smooth and relaxed, based on reciprocity. I am glad that I can also express my satisfaction here.

Our team

managing director

Has been engaged in pyrotechnics since 1989, and has taught pyrotechnics since 1998. Founder and head of the first successful Hungarian private company in pyrotechnics. Managing director of the first domestic import company with direct Chinese factory relations. Co-founder and board member (for 10 years) of the Hungarian Pyrotechnics Association. A pioneer in the safe application of pyrotechnics, an innovator in terms of technology and safety, and the developer of several pyrotechnics products. A promoter and contributor to the Hungarian legislative re-regulation of the civil pyrotechnic activity, an advocate of free, but civilized use of pyrotechnics.

Visual designer

A practicing pyrotechnician since 1993.

He got his ADR teaching certificate in 1997.
Technical lead since 1994, responsible for the safety of pyrotechnical activities in filmmaking and on stage, the head of the activity, an expert in emergencies.
The visual designer, and several times, the responsible pyrotechnician of the fireworks in Budapest on August 20th.
The appointed chairman of the examination board at OKJ pyrotechnics exams since 2004.
A registered security consultant in the transport of dangerous goods since 2013. 

Image Description

Zoltán Kovács

Operations and Logistics Manager
Project Manager

I manage the largest pyrotechnic works of Nuvu Kft., and I provide the stable technical and logistical background required for the fireworks, from warehousing through the procurement and coordination of equipment to maintenance. I have been a pyrotechnician since 1998, after all this time I think we can safely say that this is not only my profession but also my life.

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Anikó Tóthné Seres

Marketing Manager

I am primarily responsible for the marketing activities of the company, but since I have also been a pyrotechnician since 1994, I am happy to be involved in visual design and other creative work processes as well.

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Zoltán Csényi

Foreign and Domestic Trade Manager
Authority Rapporteur

At present I coordinate the domestic wholesale and international import activities of Nuvu Kft. I have been working in the pyrotechnics profession since 2002, I have been managing and organizing our pyrotechnics training since 2013, and I also teach the legal aspects.

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Adrienn Fejes-Ráduly

Economic Assistant

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Anikó Kosár

Marketing Referent

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Gergő Kotasz


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Ildikó Pongrácz-Marosi

Project Officer

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Tamás Kaszás


Image Description

Gyöngyi Kutiné Kántor


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Anikó Kotaszné Mező

Project Officer


Our values

The meaning of our name - New View - obliges us to ensure continuous renewal and sustainable development. We strive for our customers to identify this name with quality and innovation.


Quality and safety go hand in hand: our pyrotechnic devices are the latest ones with an international standard, their countless features – from digitally encrypted signal transmission to the creation of instant shutdown safety zones – ensure trouble-free operation. We use radio-controlled, tamper-proof, water- and fire-resistant digital control equipment, fiberglass-reinforced ejection tubes and non-combustible explosion-proof rack systems. During construction, we make our system protected against both human, negligent mistakes and intentional acts of sabotage – this is essential for events that attract hundreds of thousands of viewers.


In order to always work with the best quality raw materials and equipment, we are building our own pyrotechnic base in the explosives industrial area of the former Chemical Company in Peremarton. On the site of more than 32 hectares, we will set up warehouses, production buildings and coordination areas, where we can carry out the preparatory works for practically any size of pyrotechnic work with the help of our own specialists, therefore quality is guaranteed.


We are a member of the International Symposium on Fireworks Society international organization, which brings together global developers of state-of-the-art pyrotechnic materials, university research, and designers of special software – but the development of the torch that ignites the Olympic flame is also attached to this society. We take part in their event, the most prestigious conference each year.


The recognition and quality of pyrotechnic profession is also important to us, so we organize pyrotechnic courses providing official qualification several times a year. We educate all students with as much care as our own staff.

Our goals

We are led by our successes, we have a number of plans for the future to further raise the standard of domestic and international fireworks art. Our goal is to participate in the most famous events in the future with our complex visual service: In Moscow, Cannes, Dubai, Danang, Hong Kong…


In the 32-hectare explosives industrial area of the Chemical Company in Peremarton, we will set up our own factory site with warehouses, production buildings and coordination areas, so that we can prepare any pyrotechnic work from our own raw materials with our own specialists. This way, we will be able to provide high-quality fireworks in the future, independent of suppliers and other external conditions.

Thanks to our continuous development, we are facing an opportunity in the coming years to launch our long-planned, additional business lines in

• pyrotechnic production
• storage of dangerous goods
• fire protection
• dripfree paraffin torch production.  

This dream of ours has already entered the construction phase, we have taken possession of the area and we are looking for similarly dedicated partners with whom we can make it come true!


We continue to apply to fireworks festivals and competitions held around the world. In 2020, we were nominated as a competitor of a large event, which has been postponed to 2021.


We are constantly working to make the raw materials we use truly “green”, which includes the development of smoke-free products and other environmentally friendly devices.


We are constantly cooperating with the competent authorities, and with our professional knowledge and experience we assist in creating laws to regulate pyrotechnic devices and fireworks that also meet the strictest professional requirements.


Our colleagues have more than 20 years of experience with a significant amount of reference works behind them, which have served the satisfaction of our customers without exception.

Our specialists do not only play a leading role in the field of pyrotechnic work, but also play the most significant role in the field of OKJ pyrotechnic training and examination in Hungary, both in terms of quality and the number of tested and graduated students. 

our greatest challenge - Compiégne 2023

On September 30, 2023, we took part in the Les Masters de Feu fireworks competition in Compiegne. It was wonderful to participate in this competition,the organization and location were fantastic.

An unusual and unique sight at an unusual time

On August 27, 2022, Europe's largest fireworks show took place at a different time than usual, but successfully, as part of St. Stephen's Day events 

This year's "Game of Fire and Light" show was shot over a length of 4.5 km, from 7 barges, 60 pontoons and two bridges. We used 40,000 pyrotechnic products. Approximately 150 of our employees implemented it in 6 months. The end result was amazing and unique.

Gigantic Hungarian success in Canada

The Hungarian production won a Silver Jupiter Award at the 36th International Fireworks Competition in Montreal, ahead of the Canadian, Italian and Croatian teams, among others.

"It was beautiful! There were a lot of special effects of the best quality and the music was perfect. (…) I can only congratulate you on the wonderful show, all my appreciation!” (Slavic Marcell)

“I live in Montreal. Today, August 7, we found out that (...) the second place was won by Magyar NUVU Kft. The next day, the whole town spoke highly of the Hungarian fireworks and the accompanying music. My kindergarten grandchildren proudly said in kindergarten that they are indeed Hungarian, even if their parents were born here." (Peter Simon) 

- this is what those who were lucky enough to watch live on the spot wrote about the Hungarian fireworks.
6 countries took part in l'International des Feux Loto-Québec, also known as the Monteral Fireworks Festival, held every year: Mexico, Hungary, Canada, Italy, Croatia and England. 

The 32-minute Hungarian program offered a majestic spectacle. Many people said how uplifting it was to listen to the song "Spring Wind Blows Wind" over the St. Lawrence River and how proud they were of the show.

The show presented how Hungarian composers influenced the world's musical culture through folk songs, through the works of Kodály and Liszt, to today's Hungarian and Canadian pop music. 

The winner was the English Pyrotex Fireworx, the silver went to the Hungarian Nuvu Kft., and the bronze medal went to the Canadian Feux d'artifice Orion team.

Newest award - Professional Special Award Courchevel 2022 - Prix Du Jury

It has been nearly 20 years since the competition in which we participated as the only invitees and starters from our country at the "Festival International d'Art Pyrotechnique 2022" show, on February 24, 2022, in Courchevel, France.

We shot our fireworks from snow-covered slopes. After nearly 3 months of preparation, we won the special prize of the professional jury at the festival.


The works of NUVU Kft. are known and recognized all around the world, our reference film was highlighted as a positive example at the Symposium on Fireworks conference. 


Employees of our company constructed the Macedonian state fireworks for years.


The July 4 celebrations of American IFOR soldiers who stationed there were crowned with our fireworks.



At my workplace, the National Theatre, I saw that a permanent pyrotechnician would be necessary, therefore I applied for the pyrotechnics training course of Nuvu Kft., where I obtained my pyrotechnician product operator and warehouse manager qualifications in 2015.

After obtaining the qualification, I had to use the things learnt at the course immediately in live, stage performances. Work at theatres is one of the most exciting versions of pyrotechnics, since all tasks are unique, it is always something special and new that shall be created, which requires a lot of creativity. The things learnt at the course, however, provided a professional foundation that ensures that there is no impossible task for me, which I always perform while seeking the highest possible safety, as taught by my teachers.

I owe thanks to my pyrotechnics teachers, and I wholeheartedly recommend the courses of Nuvu Kft. to everyone who would like to practice this special profession!

Steiner Scenics Armourers SFX Kft.

I obtained my pyrotechnician qualification in 2004 on the training course organized by your company, our teachers also included Ferenc Tóth and Ferenc Tőtős.

Being in film production for a long time, I already knew both of them and most of all their professional work. In line with the previous good experience, the course was taught in an understandable, professionally organized and logical way, which is very important for the success of the course exam, and especially for the utilization of the acquired knowledge.


I have always loved parties!

We have already organized concerts with various unique visuals when I realized I had to get a pyrotechnics qualification.

Leskovics Pirotechnika Kft.

I originally obtained my qualification in pyrotechnics in 1993, which was organized by Ferenc Tóth's company and supported by the employment centre.

Unemployment was high after the change of regime and we were very happy with the opportunity, as we were raising three children by then. After the exam, Ferenc Tóth held practical trainings so that we can get routine in the design and construction of fireworks.

Over the past 24 years, I could contact him with any professional questions.

Pyro-1 Kft.

After the change of regime, I was one of the first to obtain a pyrotechnic qualification in 1992.

In the first period I worked as a sole proprietor in the fireworks business, I founded my company, Pyro-1 Kft. in 2001 so as to undertake the increasing number of assignments every year.

All of my colleagues were taught by Ferenc Tóth in the pyrotechnics profession, so far this means 150 people!


I am János Leskovics, the Managing Director of Ad Astra Pirotechnika Kft. I obtained my Pyrotechnics I. qualification in 1995. During the training course, Ferenc Tóth and Ferenc Tőtős also took part in my education.

Since training was two-part at that time, they also helped me a lot in the one-year professional practical training required for my Pyrotechnics II qualification.

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